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Published: 13th January 2011
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Please remember that the school administration gets hundreds of applications every day after it publishes its requirements in the media and there is s stiff competition due to limited vacancies. Internet and print media provide thousands of Teacher Cover Letter Sample but use of these samples need to be discouraged as many people might have used the same and your cover may look like a mere copy-paste. So please stick to writing the letter using your own set of vocabulary instead of a copied one. The sample cover letter is given below which provides an insight of the mostly acceptable and effective format. This may be useful for the aspiring teachers.

Put a heading which may look like "Application for the post of ________________________Teacher". Then write your Name, full address and contact number followed by the date on the top right corner. After a gap of two lines, write the details of the person you are writing the referring to. Each particular should be left justified, written in one line. This should be followed by another gap and then the salutation.

The content of the Teacher Cover Letter Sample should be written in separate paragraphs and in a short form. The first Paragraph should start with the introduction of the applicant, and the reason for writing this letter.

The second paragraph should contain the strong areas, achievements, area of specialization, details of last studies. Something about the present job and the employer details, if any, need to be mentioned as well. The second paragraph may contain the rationale behind the selection of the candidate for the given post.

The last paragraph of the Teacher Cover Letter Sample is also an important aspect where the applicant can ask for an appointment or invite the school official for a discussion over phone about the prospects and tentative date of Interview. The paragraph ends with a Thank You note.

The last part of the letter contains the applicants name on the right bottom with a place for signature (in black ink). The enclosure details (CV etc.) should be mentioned at the bottom.

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